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Monday, April 25, 2011

Takallam Billughah Arabiah Sambil MenYanyi

Bagi anda yang mempunyai anak-anak yang liat nak mengaji, cuba bagi diorang tengok lagu ni, pastu suruh dia nyanyi..mak & ayahnya pun nyanyi la sekali...nak bagi lidah yang terbelit tu kembali normal..hehe..

Sampai satu tahap anak-anak boleh nyanyi tanpa tengok lirik...time 2 boleh bagi saguhati sebagai tanda penghargaan atas usaha gigih mereka...bukan senang tau..yer lah..anak2 orang lain sibuk duk nyanyi lagu jiwang + cintan-cintun + dan yang seangkatan dengannya dalam versi Melayu n Inggeris.... tapi anak kita tiba2 nyanyi alif ba ta versi lagu arab...Tabik Spring bagi ibu bapa yang berjaya buat...

Selamat Mencuba..!!!

  Ini Liriknya

Bagi yang x faham maknanya , dont worry saya ada terjemahannya...

Alif is for rabbit that runs and plays and eats carrots so he won't get tired.
Baa' is for duck that jumped and fell making the cat laugh at her.
Taa' is for a gold & diamond crown on the head
'THaa' (thank)' is for fox who caught a chicken, for he is sly when he needs to be
Jeem is for camel in the desert like a ship on the water.
'Haa'' is for hajj, the best desire to walkroam around the ka'ba.
'KHaa' is for bread at the merchant, only hungry people eat it.
Dal is for rooster and his good sound making 'athan' on the rooftop.
'THal (the)' is for wolf a tuff monster who fears nothing but dogs.
Raa' is for man who found revelation, for he is honest and trusworthy
Zayn is for flower, yellow and red, to my eye she is the nicest view
Seen is for watch, she tells me the time, at school or at home
SHeen is for sun, a fine making, it gives warmth and light
'Sad' is for hunter who threw his net, and then caught a fish.
'Dad' is for officer who protects my home and provides security.
'Ta' is for child who is clean and in good appearance.
'THa' is for a nail that we cleaned. It got a little longer so we cut it.
'Ayn' is for an eyesoul who fears his creator(Allah) doing good things that please him.
'GHayn' is for (ghar hiraa') hiraa' cave where the Quraan came down.
Fa is for elephant with tusks and he is a friends O friends
'Qaaf' is for moon that has the time(date) for who asks.
Kaaf is for dog who lived beside me, cares for my sheep and guards my house.
Laam is for meat that makes me grow(muscles) and it covers my bones.
Meem is for masjid, the house of God, in it I make all my prayers.
Nuun is for river.. the nile river that is generous.
Haa' is for pyramid, high and a symbol of strength.
Waw is for face for the human, there is light of faith.
Yaa' is for hand that draws a flower, creates a shape and shows and idea

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